Gustan Display Suite

11 Fonts: Family / Pairs / Individual

Fonts within the Gustan Display Suite are an extension of the original Gustan Family. They work alone, as a suite or with the original Gustanfamily. Gustan Densa follows as the next step in the natural weight progression of the original family with Open Type features that aid in even-colored settings as well as alternates for more dynamism. Gustan Forma has Open Type features that create a ‘nesting’ effect, allowing characters to scale and position to accommodate their contextual situation. Gustan Signa’s end brackets coupled with regular text settings lend itself to making signs, badges and motifs the mind sets to it. Paired with the original family, the Signa fonts add another dimension of consideration to Gustan.
Forma Light
Listed as operating as the Bear Theatre
Forma Medium
Built by the architects Train & Williams
Forma Bold
Louis Torres’ Lux Theatre has a new face
Signa Linea Light
(Structures on this block) [were cleared in 1967]
Signa Linea Medium
East of the intersection of 3rd & Figueroa
Signa Linea Bold
In this 1964 aerial photo the Lux can be seen
Signa Solida Light
Research in the LA Times records looks like
Signa Solida Medium
Solicitations for the redevelopment of the block
Signa Solida Bold
Between Flower, 3rd and 4th in Dec.1966
Densa UltraBlack
Northeast corner just before the 110 onramp
Densa UltraBlack Condensed
With society pictures, business will fall off