Nova: Shape Shift


Nova is the result of an experiment in what is truly necessary for a character to be legible. Each character was designed around the minimal notion, “how much does one need to be able to read.” Some characters achieve this more easily than others; however, when set in context of a word, the eye can compensate. Rather than selecting an existing typeface and “editing,” Nova was designed from zero. The typeface was born this way, not mutated to this point – you can’t miss what you never had.

24” x 36”
Screen print
PMS 805 Florescent Orange background
PMS 802 Fluorescent Green overprint
PMS 877 Metallic Silver overprint
(colors depicted on web site are best translated as possible, for color accuracy please refer to Pantone swatches)

FREE within the US
$15 international, per order

  • Nova: Shape Shift
  • Nova: Shape Shift
  • Nova: Shape Shift
  • Nova: Shape Shift