LeanSans: Custom Typeface

LeanSans part of the Lean Cuisine refresh from Nestlé. The type family consists of 4 weights and will be applied from packaging to brand marketing materials.

Nesquik Script: Custom Typeface

LuxTypo is proud to announce the completion of the dynamic script typeface for the Nestlé brand, Nesquik. The typeface has two weights with contextual alternate open type features.

Pragmatic: Custom Typeface

Inside Out & Upside Down: Posters from CalArts 1980-2019
Michael Worthington, publisher, editor, design

Pragmatic developed for Michael Worthington as the principle typeface for the publication celebrating 40 years of posters designed at Cal Arts. Cahuenga featured as well.

Cahuenga, HMCT Grant presentation

HMCT / ArtCenter
Pasadena, CA

As part of the ArtCenter faculty, Greg received a grant from the HMCT to finish the typeface Cahuenga. In September of 2018, recipients of the grants presented their projects - as such, this coexisted with the launch of the type family.

Many thanks to Gloria Kondrup, Simon Johnston and Susan Malstrom.

Fabriga Release Lecture

HMCT / ArtCenter
Pasadena, CA

In conjunction with the launch of the type family Fabriga, Greg gave a lecture on the concept and process that when into designing the new type family.

Many thanks to Gloria Kondrup and Simon Johnston.